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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Purchase conditions

In order to avoid misunderstandings during purchase process, please read and confirm the following rules for goods purchasing on the website bmg-officeworld.com (SIA «BMG OFFICE WORLD», Unified registration number: 40203089902).

1. Since the offer to purchase goods proposed by bmg-officeworld.com comes by means of Internet, then the contract between us is construed as a Distance Contract taking into account the Article 10 of the Consumer Rights Protection Law of the Republic of Latvia.

2. You can place an order via the Internet at the URL www.bmg-officeworld.com using the website.

3. Prices for goods at bmg-officeworld.com website do not include the cost of the delivery service.

4. You can pay for the selected goods and delivery by bank transfer to the account of BMG Office world SIA or pay with a payment card on the website bmg-officeworld.com.

5. When placing an order, customers should specify their e-mail address, so that the customer can receive instructions, invoices and other documents in e-mail.

6. When ordering goods, we suggest you to choose one of the following three ways of obtaining goods:

6.1. Delivery by courier

6.2. Delivery by groupage container

6.3. Pickup from the warehouse of the shipper

7. In any of the delivery ways, the time of goods delivery should be agreed at the moment of confirming of order. In the event that several goods are ordered, they can be delivered all together or by installments.

8. Before using the purchased goods, we strongly ask you to read carefully the operation manual and use goods for its intended purpose, according to the characteristics of goods and the manufacturer’s recommendations.

9. If you change your mind and decide to refuse the ordered goods, the Consumer Rights Protection Law of the Republic of Latvia and regulating Rules No. 255 «On Distance Contract» issued by the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Latvia stipulate that the buyer has the right to terminate the contract within 14 calendar days and return goods purchased in the online store back to the seller. Also, Article 12, Part 6 of Consumer Rights Protection Law stipulates that the consumer is responsible for the safety and quality of the goods during the period of validity of the right to return the goods under the conditions of the Distance Contract. We advise you to keep the original packaging of the goods in order not to damage the goods during transportation, when exercise the rights to return the goods under the conditions of the Distance Contract. bmg - officeworld.com reserves the right to refuse the return of the goods if the goods are damaged or set of the goods are incomplete. In order to agree upon returning of the goods, please write us to info@bmg-officeworld.com or call on +371 287 289 87 specifying the number and date of order.

10. bmg-officeworld.com is able to initiate various types of marketing activities, including loyalty programs on an unrestricted basis.

11. In accordance with Paragraph No.9, customer has the right to refuse to purchase. In this case, bmg-officeworld.com returns to the customer the money spent to purchase at bmg-officeworld.com, if there is any.

12. If you want to unsubscribe from receiving newsletter via e-mail and SMS, then write us to info@bmg-officeworld.com: changes in the system come into effect within 3 business days.

13. bmg-officeworld.com online store reserves the right not to fulfill the order, if representatives of the online store cannot contact the customer at the specified phone number or e-mail of the customer.

14. In the buyer's bank statement, the purchases are displayed as follows: bmg-officeworld.com.

In case of questions, you can call +371 287 289 87 or write to e-mail info@bmg- officeworld.com